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Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request President Trump is considering moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, in recognition of "The Eternal Capitol of Israel." If he does this, it will be the MOST SIGNIFICANT decision he has made thus far as President of America. Please pray for courage, truth, and honor, for our [...]

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Friend and Pastor Needs Prayer

Friends, Please pray for Nick Cook, a friend and pastor of Abundant Life Church in Uniontown Pennsylvania. Nick has recently been a car accident, has been diagnosed with a concussion and now has fainting spells. He is not driving temporarily, nor is able to preach this Sunday.  "Let us therefore [...]

Friend and Pastor Needs Prayer 2018-02-20T00:00:00+00:00

Nagaland partner needs prayer

To all prayer warriors, Our contact in Nagaland, Throngji Him, has been suffering from brain tumors for some time. He is now in hospital, undergoing Radiation treatment for 30 days. Throngji, and his wife Ayangla, run the Bethel Children's Home, where they care for many orphaned and outcast children from [...]

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Prayer Requests

To all prayer warriors,  This morning, I received sad news from India. Pastor Jayraj and his wife Lalitha have a daughter named Karyuna, who has suffered from epilepsy for some years. She grew into a lovely young lady and married a fine young man named Girish, who was well educated [...]

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Ministry Prayer Requests

Greetings Prayer Warriors,   Nan and her team are in Asia teaching Children’s Bible School programs. The pastor of the church they are in was approached yesterday by members of an unfriendly religious group, asking why they were promoting a religion from America. Please pray for their safety and success [...]

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Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Friends and Family,  Please pray for Faisal and Carrie John. Pastor Faisal is currently in Pakistan and has contracted Typhoid Fever. He is on medication and resting at this time.   Please pray for:  The merciful Lord would heal his body and strengthen his spirit.  Carrie to rest in [...]

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Prayer Update

Dear Friends,  Below is a quick email from Gene regarding the prayer request we sent out yesterday:   “We made it, but no chopper. We made record time, eleven and a half hours. Please send out thanks to all who prayed. We got here safe, and had three near head-on [...]

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Urgent Prayer Request – December 7, 2016

Dear Friends,  Just had a text from the Asia team.  They have arrived safely in Nagaland.  They are scheduled to fly out on the helicopter into the village area in about 15 hours but the helicopter has technical problems.  Please pray that these can be resolved so they can fly [...]

Urgent Prayer Request – December 7, 2016 2016-12-07T00:00:00+00:00

A Tribute to Nick Bacon

 A Tribute to Nick Bacon25 November 1945–17 July 2010   Nicky Daniel Bacon is an American hero, a legendary warrior, and a living example of the power of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. I use the present tense, for Nick believed the promise of our Lord when He said: [...]

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